Strategies to Improve the Customer Experience

The purpose of this site to is to provide key ideas about how to improve the customer experience without falling into the traps of faulty data and misguided analytics. Use our seven reports as “how-to” guides for developing your customer feedback and customer service evaluation programs.

If you need to increase sales (and who doesn't?), then you also need to take a deep look at how your customers truly feel about your company and the experience you provide. Unfortunately, most satisfaction surveys deliver partial or even flawed data. To find out about our approach to raising customer loyalty using customer feedback surveys, mystery shops and customer interviews, drop us a line at

About Us: We are a select team of Analysts working with companies who are serious about the customer experience. We offer a number of customer satisfaction services, from customized net promoter scores to mystery shops and more.  We bridge research, business intelligence and consulting in ways that are accurate, relevant and concrete. We're based in Portland, Oregon, and independently owned. Each of our Analysts has passed a series of rigorous tests proving their prowess in customer experience improvement.